Location: Colon, Panama

Our second day in Colon brought us a whole new world of cleaning joy. Shortly after a humble oatmeal breakfast, we split into cleanup teams to tackle all of the remaining boat appreciation tasks, of which there were many. Some of us went down below deck to inventory the many stashes of food we have hiding all around the saloon. Some of us crawled deep into the damp underbelly of Argo, the bilges, to continue yesterday’s deep clean. Those of us who stayed up on deck was given a variety of laborious tasks, from cleaning the anchor locker and organizing tools to spending hours wire-brushing the rust off of some highly corroded bolts (shoutout to Bianca for cleaning many stubborn bolts with me this morning). I cannot attest to how most of the tasks on board went; however, let me assure you we all did our fair share of work to bring our lovely sailboat to a new and previously undiscovered level of cleanliness.

After a solid 3-4 hours of very hard work, the crew settled down for an expertly cooked lunch courtesy of Amy & the chef team. Split pea soup with homemade rosemary bread rolls, a meal that will not be forgotten. Following lunch cleanup, we gathered in the saloon for a fascinating Oceanography lecture on oceanic chemistry and things of that nature. The students had an afternoon of free time ashore to meander around the Marina and hang out on the boat and work on various essays and school projects. At 18:00 we gathered in the cockpit for yet another wonderful meal and a memorable squeeze in which we discussed our passions.

Many students cited travel as one of their passions, fitting for our current situation. No matter what our passions may be, on this boat every one of us is passionate about the boat, each other, and the world around us. It is this true passion that allows for days like this, filled mostly with challenging cleanup tasks, to be quite fun! Some would even say a day like today was…fantasmagorical, despite its lack of apparent adventure and excitement. On Argo, we’ve all found a way to make even the most menial of tasks adventurous and exciting.

Pictured: Argo is looking good at the dock at Shelter Bay Marina; Eliza still smiling while cleaning out the anchor locker; Amanda cleaning out the bilge underneath student bunks; Argo’s deck looking clean; Eliza and Bianca enjoying the sunset in the pool at the marina; the group at Squeeze after dinner.