Location: Colon, Panama

Our morning started with a fire alarm wake-up call as a result of the cooking of some very delicious chocolate chip pancakes by Alex and his sous chefs. After breakfast and cleanup, we had a seamanship lecture with Meg to continue to prepare us for our international yacht training certificate of a competent crew, discussing the do’s and don’t’s of anchoring.

We then had the opportunity to have some lunch at the marina restaurant and free time ashore. I had the most delicious BBQ chicken sandwich with Seby, Alex, and London. After talking for a few hours and practicing my Spanish with the waitress, we had one of the best classes I’ve ever been a part of a leadership challenge course with Ian. He took us on a very beautiful hike through the jungle by the marina, where we explored two abandoned bunkers. After enjoying some time among the trees, we walked back toward the marina to an open field to do an obstacle course. Ian divided us into two groups, and we did some activities that involved being able to work together to get the tasks done. Some of the challenges we did were working together as a group to make a perfect square out of a rope while blindfolded, a mute friend coaching a blindfolded friend through an obstacle course, “crocodile river,” where we had to collect objects and then use them as stepping stones to get our group across a field, and lastly, we used these objects to build a tower taller than the other team’s tower. I will never forget that class.

We ended our day with another delicious meal made by Alex, Sam, and Jenna. My squeeze question tonight was, “What motivates you?” The group had some awesome answers, such as making their parents or siblings proud, always wanting to learn something new every day, and knowing that they did their best at every task. After cleanup, we had a Marine Biology class with Amy. It was another wonderful, unforgettable day on Argo.

Pictured: hiking through the jungle to find the abandoned battery and some shots from building our team towers