Location: Colon, Panama

Few days bring with them the opportunity for exploration in an area as rich in history as the Isthmus of Panama. This morning the Argo crew ate a delicious breakfast of French Toast Casserole with berries, before leaving on a hike to Fort San Lorenzo. The walk was about 6 miles each way, and the terrain was mostly flat, with jungle and wilderness all around. A highlight was hearing the howler monkeys in the trees above and seeing large, stunning iridescent blue and black butterflies fluttering about.

The ruins of the fort were majestically overgrown with creeping vines, and there was a beautiful vista of the Atlantic Ocean. We soaked up the view, knowing that soon, it will be the whole Pacific stretched out before us.

Back at the ship, preparations are in good hands for our Panama Canal transit tomorrow. The afternoon was a time for being studious, with Oceanography class, followed by time to prepare for the evening’s Marine Biology exam.
Good luck to all our students!

Pictured: Some of the group on the overlook at Fort San Lorenzo, and shots from the fort.