Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Today, in the morning, we went to the aquarium and completed a scavenger hunt that Ben and Amanda made for us. We saw jellyfish (fun fact: jellyfish have no brains!), strawberry anemones, and my favorite, the honeycomb stingray. After the aquarium, we had some free time that consisted of grocery shopping, lunch, and laundry being done for our departure tomorrow at noon-ish! Around two, we had safety training; training included: practicing if a person went overboard, if a fire began on the boat (we got to test out the fire hose!), and in case we ever had to evacuate the ship. Soon after the training, we prepped for passage which is double-checking and securing everything down to the boat. Finally, we had amazing bean burgers and mashed potatoes for dinner!

Best wishes,
Audrey C.