Location: Tobago Cays

Today was a very fun and interesting day. After breakfast, we had an oceanography class, followed by a nautical science exam that we had all been up studying for the previous night. Then we got the treat of seeing the majestic Maltese Falcon, which is a one-of-a-kind extremely beautiful and high-tech sailboat. Then as we were pulling up the anchor, we had a little surprise on the end. A large rock had taken up residence on our anchor and was not budging at all. After freeing ourselves from the large extra ballast, we had lunch while motoring over to the close by Tobago Cays. We then had the afternoon off – Abe, Owen, Ross, and I had Simon give us a windsurfing lesson. We then all took turns trying to attempt the feat. Some of the others spent their time catching up on work or just relaxing. We got a treat when a French artist came to our boat offering gorgeous watercolors he had painted while in the Tobago Cays, and a few of us took advantage of that unique opportunity. Tonight we had another marine biology slideshow and studied for the test we are having tomorrow. Today was definitely entertaining and very memorable.