Location: Rosseau, Dominica

We woke up prepared for a big leg day for the group. We hiked for 8 miles through some amazing scenery! The day began early as we boated our groggy heads over to the mainland of Dominica. There we took a taxi ride over to the head of the boiling lake hike. But this hike was no leisurely stroll. It began through a thick jungle on narrow trails and soon escalated to climbing down rocks on ropes as the scenery changed to rocks of crazy colors: orange, red, and black. Streams of water zig-zagged through the rocks, tinted a beautiful shade of milky blue and gray. As we followed the clouds of steam that rolled over the mountains, we eventually found ourselves overlooking the boiling lake. Created by volcanic activity, the water beneath us was actually boiling and sending steam high into the sky. We even had eggs cooked in boiling water as a snack! Here we rested our weary legs as we ate lunch and then headed back. On the way back, we were given the opportunity to swim in the hot springs under a waterfall. The water was a perfect temperature, and it felt like a relaxing trip to the spa. After the hike, we ate some candy from the little market at the trail head, including cubes of sugar and coconut. Then we went out for dinner and had a huge feast. It was a day packed with adventure and athleticism. We will definitely be sleeping well tonight!