Location: Rosseau, Dominica

Good morning fans! Today we started off our morning strong with a scenic canoe river tour. Do not fret. This was an educational journey! As we floated along the river, we took samples of the turbidity and salinity of the water at different locations. We found, as suspected, that as we move further from the mouth of the river and away from the ocean, the water becomes fresh:) In addition to the lab, we admired the many huge crabs along the side of the river and learned about the mesmerizing buttress roots, mangroves, and bamboo. We also visited a movie set! The second Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed entirely in Dominica, and we had the pleasure of stepping into Calypso’s hut just off the river. Pretty cool morning!!!
We were then kindly shuttled back to the boat by Nick, where we enjoyed a tomato soup and garlic bread lunch cooked by head chef Peyton with help from the sous Ginny and Ari as we relocated to a mooring in Rosseau. Following cleanup, Sam hosted a review session for our first Oceanography Exam! We all spread out to take our exam while enjoying the very scenic views of the garden island. Once completed, the rest of the day was spent basking in the beauty of our new location. Many of the crew members treated themselves to a nice, chill swim. This relaxing cool-off quickly turned into a flip-fest. While air-drying, we feasted on some vegetable kebabs… however, Sam may have forgotten the actual kebabs (classic mix-up), so instead, we had kebab-less roasted veggies. Tonight is going to be an early night for Ocean Star’s crew, as we have an early start tomorrow morning with a hike to the boiling lake. Stay tuned for the awesome pics to come tomorrow!!!

Peace, love