Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Well, now day, 64 seems to have managed to sneak up on us like a stealthy jaguar shark taking the Argo crew by surprise (that is what it feels like!). The last ten days have melded into one (a bit like Jen’s birthday marble cake which by the end of a rocky bake in the oven looked a little like a lava flow but tasted ever so delicious) making the passage feel like it has only started and yet at the same time like we have been sailing for the past 60 days. Things like the PSCT exam which twelve intrepid souls sat have broken up the last few days of passage nicely with people randomly asking questions like- “two long one short?- go!” at three in the morning, keeping us all on our toes in both the physical and mental senses. Spirits on watch team two or the working watch; where if we are not breaking shackles we are breaking records; were running high today as the general gibber jabber turned to funny stories about our families to the point where it was decided that after the 6-8 pm watch we would assemble in the saloon to look at everyone’s photographs. With this important meeting scheduled, it was onto dinner watch where birthday wishes were sung to Jen (Happy Birthday again Jen) and a delicious marble cake concoction with chocolate frosting eaten. Even the setting sun appeared to want to accompany the festivities, providing one of the most spectacular sunsets that we have seen on this trip yet a positive plethora of psychedelic pinks, purples, neon oranges and reds that streaked across the sky. Once watch was handed over to the safe hands of watch team 3, watch team two gathered below with laptops and stories at the ready, so we could put faces to the names that we have heard so much about. Just a little over 500 nautical miles left, Marqueses here we come!!