Location: Underway to Antigua

If I were to rate this day out of 7, I’d rate it a solid 6.5. I started my morning with the 8-12 watch, where we did lots of sail handling, polishing, using the handy billy, and named lines. You could say watch team Win (1) are masters at coiling lines after all the lines we handled today. Amanda Shu made an amazing lunch which was hummus wraps which lots of yummy toppings. While we were eating, we, unfortunately, lost a big pan and a plate, but that’s ok! After cleanup, we had oceanography, where we learned about waves. Now I am not the biggest fan of school, but I really enjoyed the two lectures she did today. Who knew there was so much to know about waves? We were falling behind on lectures, so that’s why we ground out two today. We then moved on to Navmaster, where we learned where to steer with the current. We then took the ID quiz for marine biology. We had about an hour or 2 of free time, which most people spent on homework. Lots of people were working on their group research projects.

Emma and I dyed our hair blue, but we didn’t worry. It’s only temporary hair dye. Emma did an arrow from Avatar, and I dyed my bangs. It was a great time. Of course, dinner was the bomb as well, consisting of fish from the wahoo we caught a few days ago, potatoes, veggies, beans, and probably other sides, I am forgetting. Everyone has developed the habit of mixing all the food together because most of the time, we eat from bowls. I am personally a fan because it adds lots of different flavors in my mouth at once, which is fun. For my squeeze question, I asked everyone what habits they have developed since being on the boat. A large amount of people have developed a habit of saying certain phrases or words that have been invented onboard or picked up from other people since we spend so much time together. As of now, people are still finishing up their cleaning jobs, and others are all hanging out in the cockpit singing, laughing, and having a good time from the sounds of it. I would say today was a positive vibes-only day, and we are all looking forward to arriving in Antigua around dinner time tomorrow. And like every day, it’s a good day to have a great day.