Location: Underway to the Galapagos

I really enjoyed being watch team leader during our 0400-0800 shift this morning. We played lots of fun games such as ‘Contact,’ ‘Would you rather’ and ’20 questions’, while watching a beautiful sunrise as we made it over the halfway mark on our course to the Galapagos, which was very exciting.

It was wonderful to have all six sails up today, and was pretty awesome to raise the Fisherman for the first time this semester. During this passage, Argo has accumulated a lot of boat pets. These boat pets aren’t the typical boat pet you would either like or expect to have on board, as it has become custom to use a shield to scurry cautiously beneath them, making your way around the deck! They have made walking up and down the boat a very tricky and messy obstacle course of their generous droppings puddles (especially challenging in the dark!). The entire boat is splattered with boobie poop, including the sails. They have turned the new, fresh white Fisherman sail into a creative brown and white splattered canvas in only a couple of hours. Mealtimes are a time of particular boobie paranoia, trying to judge where to sit based on wind direction and likely splat zone of the boobie poop targets.

We had Marine Biology and Leadership class this afternoon, in which we watched the White Squall. It was pretty scary to watch the extreme sea conditions in the Pacific, the boat capsizing, and all the deaths on board, as the Albatross was sailing the exact same course that we are on now! There were lots of tears towards the end, but we learned a lot of valuable lessons about both sailing and leadership for sure!

We spotted so much marine life today, including a large pod of dolphins that swam right up alongside the boat and enjoyed splashing around and showing off. We also saw a ton of spinner dolphins jumping out of the water and doing entire 360* flips. It was incredible to see a group of pilot whales so close to the boat as well. It was fascinating to watch them all surfacing at the same time, totally in sync. It was very exciting for everyone to see these majestic marine mammals up close.

Squeeze tonight was incredibly funny. As skipper, I asked everyone for their appreciation of the day and then to come up with and demonstrate a boat-related dance move. The dance moves that everyone came up with were hysterical, including pumping the heads, sweating the line, being in the gopher hole, flaking the sail, scrubbing the deck, and so many more creative and totally outrageous moves! Since it was Brittany’s 22nd birthday today, we ended Squeeze by all getting up and perfecting our boat dance moves together to the song 22 by Taylor Swift blasting on the loudspeaker. Squeeze tonight was honestly so enjoyable, was a great group bonding experience, and made everyone laugh so much.

Pictured: Raising the Fisherman sail; Ivan watching the pilot whales approach Argo; Brittany’s 22nd birthday cake

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