Location: Underway to Galapagos

Today is day 45! It is the halfway mark of the 90-day trip! Today is also my third time being a skipper, which means the job wheel has restarted from the beginning.

From the joyful dolphins to the magnificent whales, we have seen it all! Today is no exception for sighting sea creatures on passage. What’s more is the other creature that has joined in on our journey: sea birds. During our 4-8 am watch, watch team three (Drake, Alex, Bianca, Brittany, Amy and I) had found an insane amount of bird feces on deck, ranging from black to white colorings. They got on our dinghies, benches and even stairs of the companionway. Both surprised and frustrated, we rolled up our sleeves, grabbed sponges and hoses, and washed down the unspeakable deeds that had been done to Argo while a dozen sea birds hung out on the railings and hovered around, chirping and probably laughing at us, because we could’ve done nothing to them.

As the passage progresses, the moment that everyone had been expecting is soon to come! We are about to cross the equator! In the chance of a lifetime, we will be entering from the middle of the winter (northern hemisphere) to the middle of the summer (southern hemisphere) in the next couple of hours (around midnight). I, for one, am super excited! And stay tuned for the magic happenings that will take place tomorrow morning as well.

To end the day, I proposed the squeeze question, “What would you do if you only have 30 days to live?” The responses from everyone ranged from hilarious to serious reflections to be pondered upon. And last but not least, we ended squeeze by having a staring contest! The unexpected winner was Alexa! She dethroned the all-time champion Meg who I was rooting for. Nevertheless, congrats to Alexa for her ability to stare the longest without blinking an eye in the middle of the blowing ocean wind.

Pictured: Beautiful sky above Argo; Meg beating Amy in an earlier round of the starting contest; Alexa and Meg facing off for the final round of the staring contest.

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