Location: San Blas Islands, Panama

After a wavy four-day passage to the San Blas Islands, it was nice to have a full day in the sun. In the morning after Emily’s cup game presentation, we raised the boom and set up the boom swing, a sailboat’s version of a rope swing. Most people graduated from Ford and Will’s boom swing backflip school and learned how to do a backflip off of the rope and into the water. After lunch, we headed to one of the local islands and relaxed on the beach for a little bit (price to hang out on the family’s island: $2 per person). Kris taught us how to throw a rugby ball, and we practiced our rugby tackling on the beach. After that, we brought out the soccer ball and played some beach soccer. Exhausted from the sun and activities, we relaxed on the hammocks until dinner and then celebrated Britt’s birthday with a beach barbeque and cake, led by Anna’s how to celebrate birthday guidance. Finally, we played a night game of capture the flag on the island and then headed back to the boat to call it a night. A full day! Cheers, Skipper of the day Ford