Location: 23,05,1 S ; 07,00,9 E

For Argo’s student crew, the ever-changing but somehow steady routine of life underway is slowly starting to feel like this is how life is meant to be lived. Every day is similar in a way; Argo is still rolling with the now gentle swells, The constant laughing, singing, star-gazing, and story-telling make the middle-of-the-night watches fly by, and every morning we are greeted by the same bowl of oatmeal perfectly complimented by the same sun that has been keeping us warm all our lives, though on the open ocean her brilliant morning rays shine brighter than we could have ever imagined on land. A home-cooked lunch is always followed by the same daily lectures, though the content is all the more riveting as most of what we are learning about is just on the other side of Argo’s sturdy steel hull. Showers and dinner lead into the Squeeze, cleanup, and finally, some well-deserved rest.

Though somewhat predictable, this daily routine should not be thought of as monotonous in any regard. With each new day comes brand new challenges and experiences that test the grit of every shipmate no matter their previous experience. There are always new lessons to be learned, skills to be gained, and egos to be humbled.

During the predawn, hours of Watch Team Three’s 4 am-8 am shift, Argo and her crew hit the impressive milestone of one thousand nautical miles (I happened to be at the helm). Aside from some high swells and winds coming out of the notoriously rough South African waters, we have been enjoying a classic example of what is commonly referred to as Trade Winds sailing. With a constant force of 20 or so knots of wind at her stern, Argo, with 5 of her seven sails hoisted, has been averaging a comfortable 6-7 nautical miles per hour. As we move into the lower latitudes of the tropics, the winds are beginning to feel warmer. More and more, our foul weather gear seems to be staying hung on the bulkhead; our sunblock, sun-hats, and sunglasses are becoming more and more vital with each passing moment.

With the rocky shores of Saint Helena seeming close at hand, Argo and her crew of life-loving adventurers carry on through the deep blue waters of the South Atlantic.

Happy to be where we are and excited about where we are headed.

Bring Me That Horizon.

-Shane N.