Location: 25,52,2 S; 6,57,58,0 E

It’s incredible how remarkable a relatively unremarkable day is on Argo. Day 13 did not include elephants as before and did not come with as much anticipation as the day we see land again; but, for watch team two, it started with another beautiful sunrise and blue skies peeking out of clouds on the horizon. Watch team three then joined in and helped center the staysail and forward staysail so we could raise the main on a starboard tack and turn off the engine. Later today, at lunch, we realized that we are already halfway to St. Helena. With everyone’s day revolving around different watch schedules, lunch was the perfect time to catch up with one another. Flying was the recurring theme of our lunch stories as watch team one picked up flying fish the night before, oatmeal covered galley walls this morning, and pasta flew around the cockpit. The rest of the day then flew by fast with classes and jam sessions. At the end of the day, we all took in the sunset and awesome weather at dinner and even prolonged our cleaning jobs until it was dark on deck.