Location: Roseau, Dominica

April showers bring May flowers, but Dominica rain brings a couple of dozen rainbows a day. As the day comes to a close, I extend a hearty congratulations to all of the students who started the trip without any dive experience and now are PADI Advanced Open Water Divers! It seems like only two weeks ago these folks were taking their first breaths underwater. Thats probably because this trip started two weeks ago, but regardless, it has been quite amazing to see the transformation from nervous students to a group of confident and capable divers. A big shout out goes to the staff and their teaching!

Wednesday the 30th of January on the perpetually rainy island of Dominica was a heavy dive day. All divers were divided into two groups: the morning and afternoon crew. Each crew did two dives through a company called Dive Dominica. The morning divers went to Witches Point and Champagne Reef, while the afternoon divers went to Scotts Head Drop Off and Champagne Reef. Due to volcanic activity, small methane bubbles and warm jets of water rise from the ocean floor, giving Champagne Reef its unique composition. Critter sightings included frogfish, scorpionfish, electric rays, eels, frogfish, and more!

Back on the boat, some people took ocean showers. When not underway, people will jump into the ocean, climb back aboard, get soapy, jump back in again, possibly put in conditioner, jump in a third time to rinse their hair out, and then finally take a twenty-second rinse of freshwater to wash all the salt off. While it is a complicated process, its well worth it, if only to keep ship harmony.

For the rest of the evening, people worked on homework, studied, or read for the Leadership class. As our Fish ID logbooks for Marine Biology were due today before dinner, students were nose deep in several different fish books or intently drawing the fish that they saw on the dive that day.

The salon echoed with chatter and questions. At one point Jack sang a song about his dive buddy: Dive Instructor and staff member, the irreplaceable Tim. Additional guitar music drifted down the companionway as Drake practiced on the bow. All in all, a beautiful day with a multitude of rainbows (and rain showers).