Location: Portsmouth/Roseau, Dominica

It was a wet one today on Argo as mother nature gifted us with rain during each one of our meals!

The most important meal of the day was prepared by Brittany, David D., and our fearless leader Bryant. It consisted of fruit, yogurt and banana bread that was, for lack of better words, to die for.

After breakfast, the crew split into two groups for a tour of the Indian River in the city of Portsmouth, Dominica. While it was mostly just a fun tour, we also took measurements of salinity and temperature of the water in the river for our Oceanography class. The tour took us deep into the jungle on a rowboat piloted by a friendly local and included sights such as a movie set used in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and a beautiful juice bar hidden in the middle of the jungle.

Lunch flew by as we prepared Argo for an afternoon of sailing, a coastal navigation class, and a short passage to our next destination: Roseau, Dominica. Before we knew it, we were in the middle of a simulated Man Overboard procedure. We split into our watch teams and quickly began preparing the boat and the supplies required to recover Oscar, a bundle of lines (rope) and a PFD (life jacket). Once Oscar was safely back on board we began our coastal navigation class. While one watch team made sure we remained safely on course, the other two teams worked on practicing sail trim and learning the ins and outs of coastal navigation.

Dinner was again prepared by our all-star team of chefs who cooked up some fantastic burgers and baked French fries. Well be having Seamanship class with Meg and Tim later tonight to learn some key definitions that well need for our International Competent Crew certificate.

Until next time!

Pictured: Morning rainbow; views of the Indian River as we collected data and learned about local plants and animals; Sophie attaching a halyard in preparation for getting underway from Portsmouth to Roseau; Tim teaching Seamanship class.