Location: Les Saintes -> Dominica

Today was an amazing day. Our plans entailed getting the vessel ready to go underway and sailing to Dominica from Les Saintes. After breakfast, we had all hands on deck for clean-up and then getting Argo ready to sail. We all worked as a team and got everything ready super quick as we were all excited to get another passage under our belt, even if we were going to arrive at our destination on the same day. As soon as the sail covers were off and we were ready to go, we lifted anchor and started our day sail to Dominica. This sail was different from our last in many ways, but first, because we were working as one big team instead of in smaller watch teams. As soon as we were underway, we needed all hands on deck to raise all of the sails. This took a lot of muscle, but it was worth it because once all of the sails were raised, we were able to turn off the engine and sail completely by wind power. It was so awesome to feel the wind and spray from the ocean on your face while we took turns doing different jobs. We even used the full main and the flying job for the first time on the trip. The wind was blowing, and we even hit a maximum of 10.5 knots of speed without the engine. Some students took turns helming the boat. We needed all hands on deck when we got closer to get all of the sails down again. Everyone was willing to help today with anything that was needed before, during, and after the sailing. Once anchored in Dominica, we had a couple of hours of free time to do some work if we needed to or relax and rest. Finally, we ended the day up on deck, watching a really beautiful sunset. Overall today was a fantastic sailing day, and we are all appreciative of getting to sail today.

– Sam as part of the deckie crew
– Alexa helping take the sail covers off
– Ivan coiling a rope on deck
– Eliza, Bianca, and Drake out on the bowsprit, preparing to set the jib
– Drake taking the mainsail cover off
– Eliza and Bianca on bow watch
– Jenna manning the helm with Bryant
– Ivan and Alexa taking the jib cover off
– Alex on the main boom watching the sunset