Location: Les Saintes, Gaudeloupe

This morning started earlier than most. Jack, Alex, Drake, Sophie, Eliza, Bianca, Peter, Seby, London, and Sam, led by Amy, Tim, Amanda, and Meg, woke up at 5:30 am for a sunrise hike up a mountain (Le Chameau aka “the camel”) onshore. Upon return, they rejoined the rest of the crew for a delicious breakfast of authentic French pastries. Immediately following that, the newly certified open water divers (Sophie, Peter, Eliza, Seby, John, Bianca, London, Kai, Alex, David, and Drake) continued their Advanced Open Water training with a Fish Identification dive. The divemasters in training (Jenna, Brittany, and Ian) went for a dive to complete their underwater mapping requirement for their training.

It was definitely a nice way to start out the day, especially considering we were about to have the first academic assessment of our semester. After lunch, all students met below decks for a marine biology lesson and our first fish ID quiz. Luckily, being the attentive and studious model young adults that we are, the quiz was a breeze, and we quickly moved on to the afternoon. Ivan led the advanced open water divers (Jack, Sam, and myself) through our fourth dive of the semester. The rest of the afternoon was fun free time that many of us used to catch up on studying or the sleep we missed this morning. The advanced sailors (Ivan, Alexa, Jack, and Bianca), however, had an absolute blast learning all about collision regulations in the PSCT class.

Last night, half of the group went for a night dive after dinner. Tonight, the other half of us went out for the second-night dive. Sightings during the night dives included eels, lionfish, octopus, sleeping fish, very active and awake sea urchins, and tiny, red crustaceans. We were greeted after the dive with delicious hot chocolate to help us warm up and wind down before lights out. With that, we headed off to bed, the exciting promise of a new adventure at tomorrow’s destination dancing through our mindsa wonderful end to a wonderful day.

Pictured: Two views from the sunrise hike up to Le Chameau; Bianca, Sophie, and Eliza having fun at the top; underwater shot from the fun dive with the certified divers.