Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

This morning couldn’t have been more serene than the landscape we all woke up to. Last night we motored around the bend to Savannah Bay. Here in this tranquil corner of a distant paradise, I awoke promptly at 6:45 to begin fulfilling my duties as Skipper. The sunrise was breathtaking, and the weight of this amazing journey we’re on suddenly hit me, as well as most of the students. 7:30 breakfast consisted of French toast, fresh fruit, and leftover spice bread from yesterday morning. After breakfast, the crew and I mobilized to get ready for our first scuba dive. Those of us who were not already certified participated in our first confined water dive, practicing skills and techniques in neck-high water before we moved on to more challenging dives. It was truly fascinating to experience the sensation of underwater breathing for the first time. Those who are certified by PADI or another scuba certification agency had a checkout dive after a noon lunch to re-familiarize themselves with all their gear and such. We had a 200-meter swim test late afternoon, in which many raced for the best time (although the time did not matter) where. I took a more leisure-friendly approach but to each their own. Six o’clock dinner with Shepard’s pie was a welcome event as everyone managed to work up an appetite, hoisting up three of the sails, which brings us to the present time where I am currently writing this blog. Those un-certified divers will have a dive theory class right after Leah gives us a rundown on academics. Oh, and we have this tradition every night at dinner, where the skipper gets to ask everyone a question. Mine was, “if you could pick three people for your personal entourage, who would it be” They can be alive or dead, fictional or real! Think about it. Skip Dave H. signing out.