Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today, the crew of Argo finished breakfast and went to shore for another day of island tours. We had some stops along the whole drive. We are happy to report that we had noticeably more sun for our adventures today! Some stops were small: jumping out to pick some star fruit growing in a tree, crushing up the lemongrass on the side of the road, or getting some tiny “lady’s fingers” bananas at a roadside fruit stand. Other stops were far more involved. One-stop was in the Carib Indian Territory, where we were able to talk to the descendants of the Carib Indians and enjoy some of the food they eat regularly. The crew munched on a cassava flour and sugar mixture, cacao beans, fresh chocolate, papayas, passion fruits, roasted breadfruit, and some tantalizingly spicy jerk chicken.

The other two important stops on our ride were to Emerald Pool and Trafalgar Falls. At Emerald Pool, the crew took a dip in the shallow pool under the verdant jungle waterfall, some of us jumping off the rocks and some content to sit in the cool waters and relax. After our swim, it was off to Trafalgar Falls, where the crew scampered up some tedious and slippery rocks until reaching the bottom of the falls. We jumped in the water at every chance and were so happy when we were back to the car with no scrapes or bruises.

The tour ended, but our day was still full of things to do. We got back to Argo and immediately had to gear up for our upcoming passage to Bonaire. The crew bustled around the deck, securing lines, removing sail covers, and making sure Argo was all set to depart at around 8:00 pm tonight. All in all, it was a packed day, and we are looking forward to a quick and speedy passage to Bonaire!

Pictured: Enjoying some local fruits, views, swimming in Emerald Pool, and sightseeing at Trafalgar Falls.