Location: Underway to Bonaire

After two long days of exploring the crew was able to rest and heal from the bumps and bruises. The day began as usual as the three watch teams cycled through there shifts one by one. As people began to emerge on deck, many students were happy to see how calm the sea was. Many of the crew took advantage of the slight breeze and the sun until the first planned activity of the day, lunch. After everyone’s stomachs were filled all students reported to Marine Bio for the second fish identification quiz and a lecture. Shortly after Marine Bio, the students attended Seamanship class. After classes, those who had watch duties reported to the deck and other had free time which was mainly spent napping or studying.

While on watch, Watch Team One spotted dolphins in the water. After yelling below decks, almost everyone came on deck to catch a glance of the creatures. Sadly many were too slow, and after a while, many students started to cycle below decks and continued what they were previously doing. Shortly after another call came from the deck, this time it was whales! Again everyone rushed to the deck, but this time everyone made it on time. Everyone was able to see the tops of whales as they dove back down to the depths of the oceans. Shortly after seeing whales the chefs brought up dinner and everyone gathered by the helm for the final meal of the day. After dinner and our nightly squeeze, the crew cleaned up the ship, and those who had watch reported to the deck, and those who did not,went to bed as many of them had watch bright and early the next day.

Boat life
Drake, as he takes advantage of the sun to rest after a long watch.
David and Brittany take a selfie on bow watch.
In the middle of nowhere.
A beautiful sunset to end the day.

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