Location: Underway to Bonaire

The day technically started late last night, when Watch Teams 2 and three combined to bring down and flake the mainsail, and then Watch Team 3 took over and sailed for the next four hours, and then Watch Team 1 took over at midnight, and Watch Team 2 took back again at 4. We cycled through the morning with underway breakfasts of oatmeal, and then at 10, the chefs (Tim, Sam and David D) got our lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup ready to eat. After lunch and clean up, we had an oceanography class with Amanda about the structure of the Earth’s crust underwater. We talked about ocean shelves and trenches and plate tectonics, and about the world’s largest mountain range, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Then we had a leadership class with Ian, where we learned some about anchors and watched a speech given by Steve Jobs at Stanford University. We then talked in small groups off a list of prompts that made us think about the status quo, what makes other people different, and values we think are important to us. After that, the PSCT students had a short lesson with Bryant about vessel lights and day shapes while everyone else had free time. We all got back together for deck showers before mustering for dinner and eating cajun roast. Now we’ll get back into cleanup and sail the 100 miles left to Bonaire!

Jenna, Kai, Ivan, and Bianca doing some early morning studying. Oceanography with Amanda. David B at the helm. Eliza and Sophie on bow watch. Jack at the helm and London on watch. Sam and Alex on bow watch.

Current position: