Location: Bonaire

First thing I did this morning was wake up to the sight of Bonaire in the distant horizon. Super excited, watch team 1, which consists of our team leaders, Amanda and Ian and my fellow team members, Kai, Bianca, Ivan, Drake, and Jenna was ready to be on duty for the last stretch of the passage. As we approached Bonaire, we spotted a group of dolphins swimming and leaping out of the water on the port side of the boat. That made our day!

Just after lunch, we concluded our 60+ hour passaged by docking in the marina in the town of Kralendijk. My first impression of the island is nothing but complete amazement. Lines of palm trees, white sand beaches, and brightly colored buildings give off a taste of, what might be, a paradise. It is also super cool to think about completing a 3-day passage and arriving at such a beautiful location on a Monday, a day that usually does not sound very fun to me in my ordinary life.

In the afternoon, we were surprised by the customs office; the entire crew was ordered to be present at the office for passport identification purpose. However, the short 20-minute walk from the dock to the center of the town was not bad at all. It gave us a short preview of what’s to come in the next couple of days. With the boat appreciation (cleaning) performed promptly, we ended the day with a chicken curry dinner while watching the sunset. Brownies were also served by Meg and Amanda. We were appreciative of that and the fact that there is no anchor watch for tonight, which means a full night of sleep!

Big shout out to Tim, David and Jack for doing the especially dirty jobs! Now we are about to start our Seamanship class with Meg and Tim before we head to bed for a restful night of sleep.

Pictured: View of Bonaire through our binoculars; the group readying fenders and dock lines in preparation for arriving at the dock; palm trees and blue skies; flamingo art make of marine plastic that we saw on our walk to customs; Jack working on repairing the seal on the gray water tank; the group gathered around the cockpit for dinner; two views of the sunset off our stern; and us digging in to the brownies we had for dessert.