Location: St. Barths

This morning started off with a great breakfast of oatmeal and an exciting MTE class about tides and currents. After practicing our new navigation techniques with a couple of charts, all of the shipmates went their separate ways for a day onshore in Gustavia. For most people, shore time meant browsing in some of the shops and having lunch in one of the cute French restaurants. A few people headed to Shell Beach where they spent a couple hours swimming around the rocks. After lunch, everyone was given the option of staying on shore or taking an optional fun dive at a reef right outside of the harbor. A few people decided to stay onshore, while one of the science groups decided to snorkel the dive site to work on their research project. The rest of us wanted to go on the fun dive, so we headed back to the boat to prepare our equipment. I was really excited for the dive and after battling a temperamental Exy and a broken regulator, I was finally able to get in the water. All in all, it was a great dive with the highlight being a sea turtle sighting. After heading back to the boat, we all had a few hours until we were treated with dinner out at Le Select. Le Select is a “snack bar” on St. Barths famous for being a favorite of Jimmy Buffett and one of the inspirations for the song “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. Everyone had a great time hanging out and chowing down on the delicious burgers and fries. We are all really excited for the full day of hanging out at the beach and surfing we have ahead of us tomorrow!

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