Location: Barbados

Wowie, what a wild day we had on Argo today! We started the day with our usual 7 am wake-ups (thanks, Noah Kanan, for the morning playlist). However, unlike every day of the program, we did NOT have breakfast at 7:30! Instead, we rushed into the dinghies and shuttled everyone to shore for their free full day on the island. This included breakfast on shore!! A rare treat! Some enjoyed bagels, lattes, smoothies, etc., aka luxuries that we don’t always have here on board. The students enjoyed their full days ashore visiting caves, bird sanctuaries, Bridgeton, shops, museums, and of course, Caribbean beaches! Some even went surfing- and were more successful than in Brazil. For dinner everyone met in Speightstown for dinner and a sign-out night. We finished the day all gathering on Argo, our lovely home, with excitement to get underway again and head for Antigua.

To all our friends and family, we are so excited to be in the Caribbean and be able to chat with you all more. Wish us luck for our shortest passage yet (and Amanda C and Gabe C’s final leg to their circum-nav!).