Location: Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

Today was a busy day full of fun. Last night, after the blog was posted, we watched a great movie called “In The Heart Of The Sea” about Moby Dick. This morning, we watched another film about the deep ocean and learned about organisms that live in the midnight zone of the ocean, like the flapjack octopus, the sea toad, and the six-gill shark. Then we got ready to head to shore. Most of us headed for the grocery store first, but Sophie stopped by a cafe for wifi and Peter headed east to hike out to a far point that would take him most of the day.

Because Jenna and Brittany had to be back on board early for some Divemaster training, they were efficient and got some shopping done, then headed to a wireless cafe to get a chance to talk to their families.

The rest of us headed for the far grocery store. Myself, London, Eliza, both Davids, Bianca, and Drake grabbed some food and went Eastward while Kai, Jack, Seby, Sam, and Alex kept west to hike over the mountain and to the next bay.

We had a nice walk back and found a small beach. It was perfect for our picnic as it had a massive tent and freshwater hose, plus trash cans for the end. We first had a quick swim, talking and doing flips in the water. It started raining, though, so we got out as it was getting cold. Then we set the picnic up and all shared food potluck style. We had a great time laughing and doing pull-ups and then cleaned up our mess and packed our things. We did another short hike up to a massive statue with a fantastic view, and Drake showed off some martial arts skills. We then went back to the internet cafe to get some connection before heading back to the boat.

Showers quickly turned into a diving contest. We all took turns jumping off both the cap rail and the bowsprit, and the boys pulled off some dives and backflips. Bianca, Eliza, and I all attempted an otter raft but found it quite hard to stay together and float at the same time.

We had a fantastic dinner and will now settle into oceanography class before heading to bed!

Pictured: London, Bianca, Eliza, and Alexa on the beach; giant tiki statue at the top of a hill next to the marina; some of the group exploring; views of a bay and some beautiful vegetation; David D doing some climbing.