Location: Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

We awoke to a nice breakfast consisting of cereal. It was a nice change of pace after eating oatmeal for breakfast for 19 days in a row. After breakfast, the crew got into a long session of cleaning and maintaining Argo. The crew was split into two teams. One worked up on deck, and the other worked below decks. We did things such as scrubbing floors, cleaning the galley, and rust busting the deck and hull. Afterward, Argo looked as good as new. We worked hard until lunchtime. After lunch, the crew started to do trips to shore to visit customs. On the short boat ride over many jokes were made about how all of this was just a dream, how we were actually still at sea, and how we were all going to wake up right before setting foot on land.

Luckily,no such thing happened and the crew took their first steps on land after 20 days. After a short walk to customs, the students were given some shore time to explore the island. Some chose to restock on snacks, others chose to go for a hike, and some simply just walked around and explored. During this time many chose to call home and contact friends. After shore time we reported back to the same place that we were dropped off in order to sign out for a night out. Many of the crew then proceeded to a pizza place on the island. At the restaurant, many had a few drinks and stuffed themselves full of pizza. By about 22:00 all were back aboard Argo. Many then chose to go to bed as we had anchor watches throughout the night and many were tired after a long day of fun and exploration.

Some of the crew shortly after coming ashore after a long journey from the Galapagos.
David B, Brittany, Alexa, and Sam resting after working hard maintaining Argo.
Ian is scrubbing the hull.
The crew eating pizza during the night out.
David and Kai are sharing a massive pizza.