Location: 20 27.14'S 158 26.35'W

This morning started with a perfect view of the Milky Way during midnight to four AM watch. After a refreshing four-hour nap, the real day began. It was a calm day on the water, we had two sails up, but our progress was made because of the engine. I made my way up to the bow to hang out with some fellow shipmates. We spent the morning talking, and listening to music, learning more about each other every moment. Shortly after, we had lunch, which was a delightful tuna steak caught fresh yesterday with some veggies. After class, we were able to have ocean showers because it was calm enough to not float away when you jumped in. We all had a blast playing around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The water was deep blue and crystal clear. Once we were all cleaned up, we got ready for dinner. The sunset this evening was one of the best I have ever seen. The water looked like it was a watercolor painting reflecting the sunsets pink, purple, and red hues. This final full day of passage from Bora Bora to Rarotonga was straight out of a movie, as are most days aboard Argo. Not only are the students meshing well, but also the staff has been a great help and a great bit of fun. As I am writing this trip log, a few staff members are in the chart house with me. One of the staff members, Steve, asked me what the asdf abbreviation at the end of this post was, and we have determined it stands for As Steve Dances Fabulously, and with that, I leave you.