Location: Dominica

Hi everyone!

We arrived safely and smoothly in Dominica this morning, thanks to our wonderful student leaders Emma, Mg, Katie, and Will. The rest of the day was taken up by Nav master exams, which most of the group completed today and, from what I heard, even enjoyed, thanks to a lot of preparation with elder Gabe and Claire. Other than that, it was a pretty chilled day (not temperature-wise), and people used the downtime to work, relax and watch the coronation of King Charles. Thankfully we weren’t sprung with any drowning scenarios, but our quadrat did go under, and Amanda Shu and Ben dove down to get it – thanks, guys :). This was due to unfortunate circumstances with several stinging animals in the water, which were also the cause of lots of funny exits out of the water – shoutout to Nolan and Elene. The food was a highlight again, with pizza for lunch and chicken tenders for dinner, as well as Dutch apple pancakes for dessert – thank you, Max, Ellie, and Claire. As we sat down together for dinner, it seemed like there were big bonfires on the shore behind us, but judging by the sirens, it might have been more dramatic than that (no worries, they were put out by the end of dinner). Today’s squeeze question was: in what way did this trip change you? Responses were very positive. This journey has seemingly facilitated a lot of personal growth, with people saying they became more resilient, relaxed, and confident in themselves. It was very nice to hear and is definitely something I would say for myself as well. It’s been great!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it cause I certainly did.
One last time,