Location: Mountain Point/Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI

As the sun rose for another day across the Caribbean Sea, the crew of Argo awoke for day 5 of their 90-day journey. The day began with a hearty breakfast of corn muffins, yogurt, and fruit, but soon the open water divers began their first real certification dives. Meanwhile, on Argo, the certified divers were tasked with putting up sails so that Argo could use them in the next few days. Once all the divers had returned from their dives, a lunch of Thai green curry awaited them. As soon as cleanup was done, the certified divers were able to do their first non-checkout divea dive on the wreck of the Kodiak Queen. As the certified divers were exploring the wreck, the open water divers began the first round of dinghy training so that they could operate the dinghies later in the semester. After a few hours of diving and dinghy training, we all convened on Argo to prepare the ship for the short journey to the other side of Virgin Gorda. Once there, we all ate dinner and began to get excited for our first night out of the trip. As soon as cleanup was completed, the first groups of dinghy ferries began to shore. Onshore, we were able to have lots of fun, enjoying each others company, playing cornhole and giant Jenga, and enjoying the first land that we had been on in a few days. Our time on land quickly came to an end, and we all headed back for our anchor watches and started to get excited for yet another day at sea in the Caribbean.

Pictured: 5 shots of the Open Water divers completing their first two certification dives; several students helping put on the flying jib sail; dinghy training; an underwater shot from the fun dive on a wreck with the already certified divers; folks gathered around the cockpit while moving the boat from Mountain Point to Gorda Sound.