Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Anchor watches are to keep the boat safe when we are anchored, and we have rotating watch shifts throughout the night. My shifts have been at 03:00, then the next night at 04:00 and tonight Ill have the midnight watch shift. Even though it is annoying to have disrupted sleep, and bundle up to come up on deck in the middle of the night, I have thoroughly enjoyed my watch shifts. It has been really fun to talk to the person on watch with me, getting to know the person on a deeper level and learning so many interesting facts about them.

Today we were blessed with beautiful, warm weather. All the students training to get their open water scuba certification spent most of the day in the water diving. My group saw some awesome fish, and we had a really enjoyable time learning new skills with Bryant. We managed to complete all five of our open water confined dives and tomorrow we are excited about moving on to the next stage. Those already certified enjoyed zooming around on Doctor as part of their dinghy training.

At the dinner Squeeze, I asked everyone to express their appreciation of the day and their pet hate (which had to be translated into the American pet peeve). This activity was really funny as we could relate to so many of the things that frustrate other people. Peters hate of the toilet roll facing backward and rolling from the back was my favorite. Afterward, we had our first Seamanship class, where Tim and Meg taught us about the protocols on board Argo in case of a fire, man overboard or having to abandon ship.

I feel so grateful to be on this incredible voyage, but today I was more appreciative of the crew on board Argo. I am surrounded by 17 amazing students from all over the world, each bringing a unique, but very valuable quality to the team. The mentality on board is so positive and uplifting. Even after only knowing each other for four (very long!) days, everyone is happy to offer a helping hand and is willing to do any job to make life on Argo run smoother (including being the Head Master, which sounds like a very high-up, official role, but is, in fact, the head (toilet) cleaner!).

We are starting to bond and work well together as a team. I was very nervous about starting the Sea|mester, but everyone has been so warm and kind, and making friends on board Argo has been so quick and easy. I am truly excited about forming life-long friendships with the other crew members, and I am looking forward to the next three months of adventures with this exceptional group of people.

Pictured: Life ring onboard; dive gear ready to go; Argo in the sunshine; Eliza enjoying dinghy training; dishy crew cleaning up our mess; John and Bianca preparing dinner; serving dinner; Brittany, Ivan, and Sam enjoying the sunset.