Location: Savannah Bay & Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

We started the day in Savannah Bay with a hike to the windward side of the Island as a brief introduction to the oceanography class. The leeward beach was your typical sunny, sandy, tropical paradise with lots of vegetation. The windward side, however, was remarkably different. High wave energy left no place for the soft sand found on the leeward side; in its place were rocks, boulders, and an incredible amount of trash. Exposed to the Atlantic, it collects debris and fishing line deposited in the open ocean. We spent several minutes cleaning up as much trash as we could and headed back to Argo.

After the hike, we split up into groups to work on diving stuff. Those already certified did their checkout dives, while the open water people went below deck to work on getting certified.

We moved the boat during lunch to Mountain Point, just north of Savannah Bay, to find calmer water to dive in. The afternoon was spent in the water working on some newfound SCUBA skills.

I can hardly remember at the time of this writing what we had for dinner except that It included rice. Time is already moving differently at sea. Days go by in an instant, yet it feels like we’ve been here for weeks already. It is hard to believe we were in Soper’s Hole just yesterday morning.

After dinner, the Open Water people watched another safety video while everybody else got some much-needed R&R. Class ended at 2200.

Pictured: Three shots from the leeward/windward hike; sunrise and midday on Argo; everyone gathered in the cockpit during our passage to Mountain Point; crew washing dishes in the dishy pit after lunch; Peter and Jack smiling big for the camera; David B. enjoying the views of the blue water; Meg and Eliza dropping the anchor in Mountain Point; Seby in the anchor locker; Amanda’s group practicing setting up and testing their dive gear; and sunset from Argo.