Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

We started our day with a quick swim test, trying out the water and our floating abilities. Let me tell you; the water is perfect! Following breakfast, we went over policy and other safety procedures to ensure that we had a safe and fun trip. While the meeting ran a bit long, we all agreed that safety was our top priority. During the walkthrough of the vessel, we learned the functions of the different parts of the vessel. Fun fact, we will have to pump the lever 50 times when we use the head (a.k.a. the toilet) to ensure we flush out everything to keep the pipes free of blockage.

Lunchtime approached quickly. Curry lentils with rice were served, and they tasted fresh and flavorful, especially after a morning full of activities. I couldnt possibly recap everything that has happened within the 24 hours of arriving at the boat; life on the boat is both hectic and eventful. Not long after our lunch clean-up, we prepped the boat for our first sail! Just minutes before the departure, David B., our last crew member, finally arrived after several delays in his travel plans. We were worried at first but became ecstatic when we finally greeted David into our community. It felt like something that would happen in a movie, catching a boat at the last minute!

Learning the ropes not only means learning about the boat but also includes learning how to scuba dive! I, myself, have never dived before! But, I am very excited to get my open water diving certification on this trip! On our way to Virgin Gorda, where we anchored for the night, I was part of the group that watched a series of instructional videos on the knowledge we should have before we first get in the water. The videos werent the flashiest things Ive seen, but I was amazed by the extensive knowledge that we acquired in such a short amount of time. Ending the day, we jumped into the ocean for a quick shower. It was nothing but refreshing goodness!

I am so excited about whats to come! I have not even detailed 10% of all the happenings in just the second day. Keep following our daily blog to find out more about our amazing adventures!

Pictured: Various views of us prepping and moving the boat from West End, Tortola to Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda; sunset in Savannah Bay; everyone gathered in the cockpit for the policy meeting; washing dishes in the dishy pit after lunch; fun and games during and after the swim test.