Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Ahoy landlubbers! This morning after a solid night’s sleep, the crew ate a hearty breakfast and began our day. The PADI Open Water students finished their confined dives while those who were previously certified went through dinghy school. The certs had a blast hopping waves and pulling figure eights to officially get a dinghy diploma. After a delicious sandwich-combo lunch, the two groups swapped activities. The PADI Open Water students crushed dinghy school as well while the certs explored a bluff ten meters below. After said activities, the PADI Open Water students had to take their grueling PADI Open Water Knowledge Exam 😨. They powered through, however, and all obliterated PADI’s heinous inquisitions. This leads us into dinner, where Chef Calum and his two sous chefs, Nicole and Alice, whipped up a delicious beef stroganoff, of which I and the rest of the Tom-hole crew demolished. We all finished with a squeeze involving supernatural powers and are preparing for our Seamanship Class!

Skip Ian, signing off