Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

After a successful night of anchor watches, we were rewarded with pancakes in the morning. They were wolfed down by the crew, and then the day began. The certified open water divers began their day with a 45-minute dive off of Gauldin Point, while the trainees had some free time to work on their knowledge reviews and to study. On their dive, the group saw numerous puffer fish and even some squid. After the amazing dive, they headed back to the boat for a nautical science lecture. In this class, we continue to learn useful terminology and how to operate a boat such as this one.

After our first lecture of the day, we had quesadillas prepared by our captain. Once we were full, we headed back downstairs to learn about the basics of biology. We reviewed cladistics, taxonomy and continued to prepare ourselves to have our first exam on day 10. After our lecture, the people who didn’t dive in the morning went out for their first open water dives. They headed out to Blacks point for the open water dives 1 and 2. These dives were a way for them to continue practicing the basics of scuba diving. Those who were not diving had some free time to swim and begin their fish identification books.

Once everyone was back on board, we showered and got ready for dinner. We had stir fry with some leftovers graciously prepared by Steve. After dinner, we watched the movie “The hunt for the wilder people” and got ready for another night of anchor watches.

Ciao for now,