Location: Antigua

Today started with a stiff breeze blowing from the East, the last of a small depression that had been looking menacing in the Atlantic but turned out to be nothing more than a few showers, more breeze and overcast days. After breakfast and cleanup, it was time to get all the open water divers certified, and the navigation dives done. This was done against the stunning backdrop of Galleon Beach and further out the mighty “Pillars of Hercules.” These limestone pillars were caused by a millennia of the pounding surf and salty breeze coursing over the exposed headland. The result is not only the beautiful formations above water looming over the dinghy mooring but also under the waves where the large boulders have been dumped and deep ravines cut. Despite the earlier forecast, the Atlantic was forgiving, and the gentle swell provided a relaxing environment for the divers to become qualified. After a successful day underwater and a hearty dinner back onboard, Emma had a class on how formations such as the pillars came into existence. Needless to say that after a long day of diving and concentration, lights out was welcomed with open arms and closed eyes. Dreams of our continued sail south, with the wind on our beam and the sun on our faces, no doubt filled the minds of all those onboard. So ends this day.

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