Location: Roseau, Dominica

Preparation for our new journey has been a great success. We split into two groups, morning and afternoon. Half went on a dive while the other half stayed on Argo doing preparations for the next big sail of three days. The dive group experienced the great blue and the extraordinary life that lived within herwitnessing amazing and beautiful creatures and sea life of all sorts, from flounders to a sea horse and even a nurse shark resting under a reef. There was even a section where you could start to feel the water warm and witness a strong idea of methane bubbles coming from the floor of the ocean. The locals call it Champagne Reef, an overall 10/10 experience to be a part of a great crew and see our beautiful world with them all. Passage prep was normal as usual; morals were high, and we were all excited to continue our journey together. Moving on to our next project of the day, a lab, we tested multiple pieces of equipment to get a general idea of what our classes will hold in the future. We may not know what the future brings, but I know whatever challenges we face, we will persist and achieve our greater goal. The food was also good.