Location: Falmouth Harbour

This morning I decided to wake everyone up with the soothing sounds of Lin Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece, Hamilton. Personally, I think it put everyone in a much better mood with a slightly dreary morning, but some of my crewmates would beg to differ. Breakfast was cereal partially eaten in the salon due to an ill-timed squall but fun nonetheless. We began our days finally getting to see what Ocean Star’s sails looked like in most of their glory, getting the chance to raise both the main and foresail just enough that we will know what we are doing when we eventually leave our little harbor.

This was followed by RDP tables for our open water divers and entertainment for the already certified divers in the way of our divemaster candidate, Caleb, completing his final two swim tests: a 400m fin swim and a 200m tired diver tow in which he almost drowned his tired diver! This was followed by a delicious pasta bake for lunch prepared by our captain himself, then a marine biology class. We learned about many types of marine micro-algae, including my all-time favorite, the coccolithophore!!

Then drumroll, please…..we are now a boat of all certified divers!! After a successful dive filled with shark and turtle spottings, the Ocean Star crew was reunited for a delicious dinner of Chicken Tikka Masala made by Steve and a few cutlery overboard, some rescued and some not. Tonight we are getting started on our advanced diver course and possibly might have a dance party after to celebrate the successful day!!