Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

Tonight consisted of our first night out, and you could tell we all definitely had some sea legs. But first, the day began as we were able to sail some I.C. 24s. They are a 24-foot sailboats that helped teach us how to tack (bow in wind) and jibe (stern in wind). After the I.C. 24’s, we moved our way over to the Hobie Cats; they’re little boats with one sail and can fit four people. But wear a swimsuit because you’re guaranteed to get wet! While some shipmates were on the Hobie Cats, others were on the beach playing beach volleyball, building sandcastles, and interacting with their fellow ActionQuest mates. As night settled down, we freshened up back on Ocean Star and then went back to the beach to have a BBQ with the ActionQuest students. And it was delicious! After scarfing down our food, we headed on over to the Saba Rock restaurant, which is where we had our first night out. It was definitely enjoyable, and we had a load of fun! Can’t wait to show off our sea legs on the next night out.

Send Aloe…Some of us need it! Just kidding but seriously…See you soon!