Location: Lesser Antilles and Caribbean Basin

What’s up, parents back home,

Today we finally got to see Ocean Star in full sail and feel what it is really like to sail without any other power than the wind. During our sail, we also got the opportunity to be recorded for the ActionQuest promotional video and did so in shining fashion. We were recorded tacking and sailing into Gorda Sound wearing our matching white Sea Mester shirts. After docking and having a delicious group lunch, we went out on our first lab snorkeling in the mangroves. We found upside-down jellyfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, barracuda, and many more lively creatures swimming about. We learned about why mangroves are in the locations that they are and the differences between them. Once the snorkeling wrapped up, and we had dinner, we had a group squeeze with the question: “What is your happy place?” and ended the night with a delightful class of OCE.

To all you readers out there, we will see you soon!