Location: Apu Bay, Tahaa, French Polynesia

Today started bright and early as we sailed into the beautiful island of Tah’aa following our first overnight passage. Bora Bora is off in the distant view, and Raiatea is close by, as well as a seemingly uninhabited tiny island nearby. Everyone worked as a team to lower and cover the sails as we found a new stunning location to anchor Argo. After spending some of the mornings cleaning Argo, we were able to enjoy a delicious lunch before heading to a pearl farm. The Pearl Farm was beautifully located right by the ocean, complete with an open-air building and a treehouse with a swing. After that, we hopped on the dinghies back to the boat, where the better part of the afternoon consisted of jumping off the boat and swimming in the ocean. After ocean showers, good music, and some sunset yoga, we were all ready to enjoy dinner. After another glorious sunset and a delicious meal, everyone is excited to watch a sailing movie (the name of the chosen movie has not been disclosed yet. Overall, another incredible day in an unreal location. We are all so grateful to the wonderful families that made all this possible.!