Location: Kralendijk, Bonaire

Today was a very busy day for everyone on board! We woke up and had breakfast, then had a quick lecture on invasive species with Amy. After that, we had a conservationist come and talk with us about Bonaire and how they protect the environment here. After that, we all split up for a full day on shore!

Peter and Jack headed out and rented bikes, then rode south to the salt flats.

Peter and David B. and I caught a taxi and drove around the island to find flamingos, which we did! We saw tons of them, including baby ones.

Ivan and Brittany explored downtown, buying souvenirs and trying local foods, and even went to a public market.

Kai, London, Alex, Bianca, Eliza, Seby and Sophie all went shopping with one another, then took a taxi down to the salt flats as well.

Jenna got laundry done, then met up with Eliza and Sophie for lunch, and then bought some dive gear while shopping,

Drake got his essay finished, then hung out around town and met up with us for ice cream.

And David D, with his injured foot, hung out with staff on the boat.

For the rest of the night, after cleaning, we’ll have a night out for our final night in Bonaire!

Pictured: Jack enjoying the views at the salt flats after some good cycling; a group of gorgeous flamingos; Alexa, Drake, Sam, and David B. being goofy after having some tasty ice cream; London, Sophie, and Eliza at the salt flats; Eliza, Sophie, and Kai having ice cream in town.