Location: Bonaire

Today was very similar to yesterday. The students have split up into two groups again. Those who went diving the previous day went to Jibe City to learn how to windsurf and those who windsurfed went diving. Sadly, I was injured and was sidelined on most activities that others participated in. I was with the group that went to Jibe City. We arrived early in the morning and got straight into it. All started with a one hour lesson and learned how to mount, turn around and steer the windsurfing board. Many struggled at first, but everyone got the hang of it by the end. The group then had one hour to continue windsurfing and to practice their new skills on a windsurfing board. After the windsurfing, we all sat down for lunch. All of us ordered food, and it was amazing. It was the first meal many of us had that was not made onboard, and we all certainly took advantage of it. After lunch, the group went for a shallow snorkel right off the beach. It was on some very well preserved coral, and we saw a lot of cool fish. At that point, we all headed back to Argo and had free time to study or go ashore and explore until dinner.

The diving group enjoyed an orientation to Bonaire’s marine park and a checkout dive with Dive Friends on their house reef. It was beautiful with lots of healthy coral and marine life. Afterward, they went for lunch ashore, and then came back to Argo to complete an afternoon dive over at Klein Bonaire (“Little Bonaire”) which is a small island right across from where Argo is docked. With Amy as their fearless leader, they braved a very splashy dinghy ride to enjoy their diving. Everyone has enjoyed doing some fun and relaxing dives after all of the Open Water and Advanced Open Water training dives we have done so far this semester.

After dinner, the crew went and did yoga for around 15-20 minutes to relieve stress and have our thoughts to ourselves. Now we are all preparing to spend our last full day tomorrow in Bonaire and getting some much-deserved rest.

Pictured: London, Kai, and Amy during the checkout dive; Eliza, Sophie, and Amy during the dive; awesome lady instructors Steph and Amy; shots of lots of amazing marine life during the dive.