Location: The Equator, Underway to the Galapagos

Today is the day all of Argo has been waiting for since we began our passage from Panama to the Galapagos. This morning, as we drifted closer and closer to 0 degrees, students on Argo began a giant game of dress-up to stand before Neptune (Sam) and his court (Royal Baby Kris and Super Leah) to begin our transformation. For generations, equator-crossing ceremonies have been commonplace among vessels crossing the Equator. First-timers crossing the equator fall under the category of pollywogs and must please Neptune in order to reach the rank of shellback. The first order of business included the men of the ship to dress in drag. Here on Argo, the men stood before Neptune’s Court dawning skirts, short shorts, and an array of colorful bikini tops. The women of Argo attempted to look at their manliest, sporting mustaches, button-down shirts, and other various items. With everyone in their equator get-ups, it was time to show it all off for Neptune and his court on the runway. After a spectacular show, the students battled their way across the deck through the obstacles of Neptune. First, students had to slide past Maeve while being blasted by the fire hose. Next, students had to kiss the marmite-covered belly of Royal Baby Kris and drink Zeus’ juice. At this point, students stood before Neptune, who knighted them into the guild of shellbacks before throwing them into the waters of the Equator, solidifying their status as shellbacks. After a strange and thrilling day, we look forward to our coming adventures and, hopefully, in years to come to the pictures taken today.