Location: Underway to the Galapagos

In order to avoid an early arrival to the Galapagos this morning, we turned off our engine and sat in the ocean, just drifting to kill time. Watch teams continued their jobs but with minor alterations. Helming was no longer a hard job because now helming consisted of just sitting and looking at the helm while Argo made a speedy 1.5 knots. SLD class began in song. Leah and Britt played Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer,” It wasn’t until halfway through that I realized their purpose in playing the song because, whoa! We are actually halfway there. Today marks the 45th day of the trip. Not only was today the midway mark, but it was also Wog day. A day when the Wogs (people who haven’t crossed the equator) get to harass the shellbacks (those who have). The guacamole was thrown at lunch, and Burt the cactus is still missing. All of us are very excited to cross the equator tomorrow and are preparing our sacrifices to king Neptune; mine is a small ceramic kitten named Cornwallis. He is greatly loved and will be missed but is being given up to a greater cause. Shout out to my Grandmomma, Horton, Worth, and whoever else is reading this blog. Love yall! Also, Mom and Dad, I love you, and please don’t let my cactus die while I’m gone.