Location: Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia

As Skipper for today, I had the very important task of waking up early (approximately 6:45) in order to decide what music I would be playing in the salon to wake everyone up. In the end, I picked a wonderful song by an Australian artist Xavier Rudd called “follow the sun.” I then played a few more songs by him as well as some other Aussie artists like The Beautiful Girls and John Butler Trio, so plenty of didgeridoo before breakfast. While this was happening at 7 am, Head Chef Alexis was busy in the galley preparing Chia pudding and granola for breakfast which is a crowd favorite.

With clean up in full swing, our pit crew, where the dishes are washed, rinsed and dried, consisted of Logan, Sophie, and The Mountain as salties (they use saltwater and soap to scrub the dishes), our Freshie Mackenzie (who rinses the dishes in freshwater) and two dryers, Quinn and Asta. The dishes then go through to the Gophers, who hand them down to the Galley (boat kitchen) and put them away. Our Gophers for today was Eulalie and Samuel.

Once clean-up was finished, the group moved into classes for the morning. First up was marine biology with Steph, where the main focus was on worms, bryozoans, and mollusks. The class was loved by most, with the exception of Maxime, who is not a fan of snails and worms. The next class was Seamanship with Kris. This was the group’s first introduction to Navmaster. This section of the course will be focusing on chart work used for navigation, so this intro class was to get them familiar with terms like knots and nautical miles, as well as talking about magnetic north, true north, and compass deviation.

With class finished for the morning, all the shipmates were free to go have lunch ashore and spend the afternoon shopping, snacking, and relaxing before our day passage tomorrow. There was lots of talk of sushi and ceviche, cold drinks, ice cream, and chicken sandwiches. Some discovered the pool, and others found the little surf shop in the marina. One thing is for sure. Everyone ate a lot! And Sophie bought all the supermarket’s supply of Ting, a very popular Caribbean grapefruit drink.

Eventually, everyone returned just in time for dinner made by Alexis and her sous chefs, which consisted of veggie bowls with lentils and couscous. We also introduced our newest arrival, Kris S, who flew down from the office to help out with some boat projects over the next few days.

Our squeeze question for the day was, would you rather eat salad for every meal for the rest of your life or listen to Celine Dion on repeat at every meal for the rest of your life. This came from doing the latter for six months, and I can tell you, I’ll take a salad any day!

photo 1: All the Ting
photo 2: Eulalie waiting for her Sushi
photo 3: Tate enjoying the chia seed pudding
photo 4: Asta, Sophie, The Mountain, and Mackenzie in the Pit
photo 5: Sophie, The Mountain, and Mackenzie on pit prep
photo 6: Shipmates enjoying breakfast
photo 7: Steph grading exams and Lucy celebrating her grade
photo 8: Me crawling out of the laz