Location: Ua-Pou, Marquesas, French Polynesia

Today we were finally able to make our way to Ua-Pou, an island with many different preferred pronunciations aboard Argo. We originally were planning on arriving yesterday, but we decided a little bit more time on the beaches of Nuku Hiva was acceptable after a bit of hydraulic trouble prevented us from being able to pick up the anchor insufficient time. With our extra time, many of us decided to enjoy a local delicacy- ice cream!! After enjoying some ice cream and unexpected free time, we managed to make it to Ua-Pou, another island that has a striking resemblance to the island of Jurassic Park! After a relaxing day of swimming and hanging out on board in an uninhabited bay, we will head off to the Tuamotus Archipelago sometime soon, to explore where black pearls are farmed!