Location: Underway to the Tuamotus

It feels like yesterday that we arrived in the Marquesas, and yet again, we are prepping for passage, this time to the Tuamotus. Waking up at our usual time, we had a bit of free time after breakfast to shower, read, do homework or watch Arrested Development before it was time for passage prep and to pull up anchor. We quickly got back into our routine of watch teams and classes underway, and in no time, supper was ready, and the sun was setting over the horizon in yet another splendid display of color. The squeeze question for the day at supper time was what event, big or small today, made your day or put a smile on your face. Following supper and squeeze, Ford presented his How to Presentation on constellations in the sky and a few key ones to identify, such as Ursa Major, Argo, and Orion. Underway again, it is slowly sinking into people that we are nearing the end of a fantastic journey, traveled with an amazing group of people.