Location: Underway to the Tuamotus

As of today there are officially only two weeks left! It is unreal how quick almost three months have gone by. My watch team was awake for sunrise and cereal this morning until we gladly handed it over to watch team one at 8am. Everyone headed back to sleep until lunch and classes. After our three classes we headed on deck for showers. Staff surprised us with letting us jump in the ocean for showers!! Everyone made a mad dash for the caprail as soon as the ladder was in. The water was incredibly warm and everyone was reluctant to get out. After shower time watch team three (my watch, and the best watch) was on until dinner. We passed the time with games, stories, and taking selfies on Lawre’s camera. The squeeze question tonight was what is something the person next to you will be remembered for. Answers ranged from dancing, turtles and positive attitudes. With only two weeks left everyone is scrambling to have last minute inside jokes with their watches and get to know everyone as well as possible. Being on passage is definitely a great way to do that! Love your favorite skipper on her last day as skipper! Anna McBee