Location: Underway to the Marquesas

After being woken up thirty minutes before midnight, I rose up for another exciting watch with the ever-vigilant Watch Team 2. During our briefing on deck, I was shocked to hear that we had officially passed the halfway point to the Marquesas. These past days have certainly blended together as we are getting better accustomed to passage life. Midnight-4am watch went by exceptionally fast, and Watch Team 3 would follow after us after tagging us out. Word around the deck is that during Watch Team 3’s shift, Drake laid down some freestyle rap rhymes that rocked the boat; a true poet he is. I woke up particularly late as I had expected the skipper to come by and do some wake-ups, only to find out on the job wheel that I was today’s skipper. For lunch, our chef team (which consisted of Tim, Kai, and Sophie) cooked up a delectable assortment of enchiladas, a meal I consider to be pretty heavy on the stomach when underway–but totally worth it. During lunch, we had our first official time change of this passage and turned our watches back 1 hour, giving us an extra-long afternoon to enjoy. After lunch and clean-up, we had Marine Biology. During Marine Biology, we watched a documentary called Chasing Coral, a film that captured how coral is being affected by the ocean’s rising temperature. After finishing the movie, we had a short discussion about what we thought of the documentary and how a focus on effective communication can make the issues with coral understood on a global level. After Marine Biology, we had some time to study for other classes, that is, until the general alarm went off.

After hearing the alarm, we grabbed our PFDs and raced up on deck to muster at the cockpit, where we would be notified that we were going to run an abandon ship drill. After running through our drill, some of us stuck around and helped out trimming most of the sails as the wind got stronger. After that, we had deck showers, and everyone split off to do whatever was on their agenda. This is where our extra hour came in especially handy. Jenna and Brittany worked on their Dive Master course, Watch Team 3 went back on watch, and I learned a thing or two about navigating for Seamanship class. Eventually, dinner rolled around, and the chef team had cooked up a delicious meal of Mi Goreeg, a tasty Asian dish. After dinner, we did our daily tradition of appreciation and squeeze, then proceeded to go back to clean up. As I’m writing this blog, I’m looking at our course on the monitor, and I’m astounded at how far we’ve come and am looking forward to the rest of the journey we have ahead of us.

Pictured: Ivan on the helm and Eliza with soft smiles all around, Meg and David looking at how far the nearest area of land is, and our skipper caught mid-slumber with his PFD still on, serving as a living symbol of how Argo values safety.

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